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Hello, I would like to tell you a little about myself; I am Dennis J. Dayes, Jamaican born but living in the United States for over 25 years.  We all struggle from time to time trying to identify what our real passion of interest is – what professional step do  we really  want to take in the fulfillment of our lives. Giving this passion a chance to grow and develop is a step worth taking.  Hats off to those who from an early age recognized what it is they really liked doing and stuck to it.

I enjoy working in the kitchen, therefore becoming a chef/restaurant owner, an entrepreneur of the taste buds, is my passion.  I entered college to pursue a course in business so that I could have all the necessary information for establishing a successful business, serve the public in the most hospitable manner that leaves patron an experience that ‘knocks’ on their sense of taste in a most enjoyable manner. My working experiences in various industries over the past twenty five years – includes the development of business and operations, quality control, catering, marketing and sales, logistics and purchasing, health services and law enforcement have added much richness to my desire in being the best there is of customer service and delivery.

I am the holder of three degrees in the areas of Liberal Arts of Science from the New York State University, Business Administration and Business Management of Applied Science from Monroe College. While in Jamaica, I attended and completed a certificate program in catering and Food Service at the cantering academic school in Jamaica, approved by the Jamaica Tourism Board. I am also the founder of The Dayes’ Enterprise L.L.C, StarMNGT Staffing company, and The Fusion Catering company.

These experiences and achievement bring out the creativity in me for combination of recipes, spices, and foods with flavor that are just unbelievable.  The mixes get even better when I am sharing with company or doing something for a special event or person.  Yes, this satisfies me and I find it very rewarding.  Absolutely, mmmmmscious!!!

 I would be remiss if I did not give credit to the influence of my Jamaican and Caribbean ancestors from whom  my knowledge of how to blind spices finds its foundation; they have thought  and leave us one of their precious prize the fusions -- Caribbean cooking, and mixing spices that will go on for generations to come.  Yes, the good old country life growing up as a child—has blended me into my own unique character of “let’s eat” stuff. I am a proud and confident cook, thanks to my past, it was compulsory to learn and I loved it then and adore it now.

You can share this experience, like my friends do, when “I throw it down for them” (island talk) –and let that passion consume your palette. I am passionate about what I do- get the fire started and let’s start mixing.  I keep an open mind… always open for suggestions… aiming to learn something new every day.

I see myself as a well rounded individual as I continue to grow as a person setting high standards for achieving the best.  I approach the world ethically, while showing utmost respect for the law, and colleagues, friends, and family, while at the same time willing to give back to the community.

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